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It is difficult to overestimate the difficulties faced by those wishing to purchase not entirely legal psychoactive substances: here are the police, there are also police, here they throw away the whole thing, here they don’t report it, these supply them with low-quality goods, and they even have a habit of throwing in cheap counterfeit salts instead of marijuana. This happens both offline and online. And we declare a battle against this.

Buying drug packages on the Internet is the best and fastest growing method at the moment. Firstly, it’s easier to remain anonymous. Secondly, it’s more convenient to choose. Thirdly, you have more freedom in terms of payment method. Fourthly, if something goes wrong, technical support is always in touch!

Current зеркало KRAKEN tor

It is, of course, impossible to remain completely anonymous on the Internet, but creating complex but memorable passwords, refusing to follow dubious links, and completely mismatching your identity in reality and on the Internet is the key to your safety.

If every salesperson could be trusted, we wouldn’t be born. Deception, threats, fraud and simple theft of time and nerves are not all that some drug dealers are guilty of. That’s why we showed up. We systematize sellers so that sellers make a profit, and you are neither cheated nor deceived, nor upset by the low quality of the product. KRAKEN onion is the key to quality attack!

Naturally, such zeal to please everyone did not go unnoticed by the enemy coalitions. The police want to beat us up, the mafia just wants to remove competitors, and other marketplaces are offended that because of us they are in the shadows. Therefore, we are constantly under DDoS attacks and other atrocities. What should I do? We are well protected, but even our latest technology may sometimes not work – we have dozens and hundreds of alternative links – “mirrors” – for this purpose.

Official сайт KRAKEN onion

FAQ, or what questions are asked most often:

  • Why is the marketplace offline right now?
  • What shadow mirrors exist now and which ones should you avoid?
  • What is the difference between the original address and the fake one?
  • Which link is working at the moment?
  • Is it possible to login from a tor browser? And if so, how?
  • Can you explain what the KRAKEN marketplace is?
  • How do I make a purchase?

If the roads in St. Petersburg were as clean as our addresses, then we would find ourselves in a fantasy world. No deception or scam, we only count on long-term and trusting cooperation with you.

Unlike European Union countries, the KRAKEN trading platform does not welcome weekends, lunch breaks and other shortening of the working day. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can treat us in many ways: both using a bank card (VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank) and using your mobile phone balance (MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or Beeline). Qiwi, cryptocurrencies, Yumani and other wallets are also an option!

КРАКЕН онион via Tor Browser

From time to time, the main address of the KRAKEN darknet marketplace may not be accessible at all. This is bad news, but there is also good news: we were ready for this. All you have to do is enjoy how quickly and reliably our “mirrors” work. DDoS attacks are not a problem for us! Not a single cone will be left untouched!

If situations arise when what you are looking for could not be found or what you are looking for turns out to be insufficiently solid and serious, you have every right to disturb KRAKEN onion technical support. Lay out absolutely everything you know about the situation on the table. It is important to understand that simply writing “I was given the wrong thing” or “I don’t have any” is not enough. You need to provide everything that you know and guess about. Every byte of information affects how quickly and decisively we will return you to a sense of justice, and to the seller a sense of reality.

The best way to use the “interesting” pages of the Internet is to access them using the Tor Browser, a free browser with increased reliability and fault tolerance. Developers are improving its performance around the clock and preventing intruders, police officers and neighbors from finding out what you are doing. And it’s in your best interests to donate to them: every ruble will be used to further improve the browser’s performance.

How to get to the store if you find yourself on the darknet

Our site works on both regular domains and .onion domains – the latter are almost impossible to hack by brute force. This, even using the most powerful supercomputers, a botnet of other computers and everything else that can do more than just collect dust, will take tens of months, or even years. As you may have guessed, during this time the link will lose its relevance a billion times.

The TOR browser has all the necessary features to protect your traffic from interception and hacking, but it is not very fast. To save time, we recommend adding our website and our “mirrors” to your bookmarks. It will be more convenient for you.

ATTENTION! The most unpleasant consequences are possible from drug use, and lip cancer from snus may seem like a frivolous trifle compared to them. Forewarned is forearmed!

Даркнет KRAKEN ссылка тор

We live in a world of many “ifs” and even more “somedays”. And if in Canada and other developed countries they practice mitigation of penalties for the use and possession of certain drugs, then in the former USSR the opposite practice occurs. Therefore, the KRAKEN mirror saves you from boredom and the hands of law enforcement officers, providing the best product on the best terms with the highest security and anonymity.

If suddenly you have a “no find”, “underweight” or some other incident (you ordered mephedrone – and a fed-up amphetamine arrived), then you have a whole dozen hours to notify, and you should write to our technical support agents as many facts as possible in detail about your failed deal: photographs are required and a set of video materials is highly welcome. You will need to weigh the Ziploc bag of substances on an accurate gram scale if the problem is quantity rather than quality. The dispute may be closed in favor of the seller if you do not provide enough information or begin to openly misinform or use profanity in your expressions.

Accounts registered too recently, with an extremely low and – especially – zero number of transactions usually cannot count on attention from technical support. But if you can prove that you were really treated dishonestly, you will definitely be able to get your money back or coordinates with a “bookmark” that will fully compensate for the problem. Or with two, if the treasure keeper turned out to be you know who.

Correct link to KRAKEN darknet market

The administration of the KRAKEN market marketplace traditionally reserves the full right not to provide financial compensation or help with problems if you flood, spam or otherwise disrupt the atmosphere of communication.

Your safety (not only when purchasing drugs and other prohibited goods) directly depends on the quality and length of the login and password you use. It will be very sad if the login turns out to be similar to your passport name, and your password should be too complex for brute force – that is, long, special characters are held in high esteem, there is the use of both small and capital letters. A good idea is to use passwords that consist of several different words from very different and unrelated languages ​​(which negates the so-called dictionary selection) and several numbers (this is to further complicate the attacker’s life). Ideally, your password will be 30 characters or more long. Each additional character makes the password guessing task up to two and a half times more difficult. Be careful about how you enter text and about cookies. Make sure that you only enter your details on official websites and not on phishing links. Switch only to safe and clean mirrors. Don’t store passwords in regular, unprotected files on your desktop or in the My Documents folder. The rule of good form is to refuse to use the same login and password combinations on different sites – you want the hacker’s life to be as difficult as possible, don’t you? Then make sure there are no matches. Using different fictitious names is also sure to make you even more mysterious to thieves and other criminals.

How to buy a bookmark on the KRAKEN site?

  1. We go to the main page of the marketplace (just check and make sure that you have gone to the correct site and not ended up on the wrong path from the links from the search engine)
  2. We go through the registration process, set a login and also a password (you shouldn’t come up with too obvious logins and especially passwords – you don’t want scammers who stole your data to order pizza with your money)
  3. We transfer money to the account (you can either from a telephone account or from your bank card; both from a QIWI wallet and in bitcoins
  4. We choose a store based on reviews, choose the position with the best product and buy

Technical support and employees of the KRAKEN darknet website are always ready to help with any problem that arises. We have links for both the Tor browser and Clearnet. We insist on using only .onion mirrors and the Tor browser, so your transactions will take place with the maximum level of anonymity and security.

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